The world runs on energy. But the more we electrify, the more we run the risk of harming the world. To be balanced in nature, we must be carbon neutral. Which means it's time for a change. It's time to apply innovation and deliver the clean, smart energy the world needs. It's time to look at energy in a new light.


GreenVolt's Businesses

GreenVolt uses the right biomass, producing energy exclusively from forestry and agroforestry waste in Portugal and wood recycling mainly from urban demolition waste in the UK.
Solar energy and storage.
GreenVolt has in development and pipeline several projects dedicated to the production of energy using the sun as a source.
Wind energy uses an inexhaustible resource like wind to produce green energy. 
Produce your own energy.
Through decentralized production you can produce the energy you need.


The GreenVolt commitment

We are committed to leading the production of energy from renewable sources.