About GreenVolt

Our World

Our world is a green and clean world. By valuing forestry and agroforestry resources and taking advantage of the sun's rays, we provide green and renewable energy. Our ambition is to progressively increase our contribution to combating climate change and to promoting a more balanced and sustainable world at an environmental, social and economic level.



Having a leading position in renewable energy, based on sustainability, innovation and creating a more energetic future. The integrity, competence and focus of our people make GreenVolt a unique company.


Create value by taking advantage of all the potential that the production of renewable energy and the elements of nature offer us.
Our history

Our story begins when Altri SGPS, a reference shareholder of GreenVolt, made a strategic investment in the valorization of forest resources, developing its energy production area through the use of biomass.

GREENVOLT was born in 2002 from a firm commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, in a shareholder context of strategic partnership, under joint control (50% / 50%), between the ALTRI Group and the EDP Group. In July 2018, ALTRI acquired the stake held by the EDP Group, since then it holds 100% of the company's share capital and voting rights.

In 2019, GREENVOLT, through its wholly owned subsidiary Sociedade Bioelétrica do Mondego, S.A., was the first company in Portugal to issue “green” bonds. The operation was intended to finance the investments of this subsidiary, in the construction of a new biomass thermoelectric power station, located in Figueira da Foz, contributing to the pursuit of a structuring policy in the energy area, which would reduce external dependence and greenhouse resulting from the use of fossil fuels. The use of forest biomass, on the other hand, in addition to contributing to job creation and forest management, allowed for a reduction in fire risks, promoting a clean and renewable energy production environment, further reinforcing GREENVOLT's commitment to sustainability. The Issue complied with the conditions established by the Green Bond Principles published by the International Capital Market Association and was the first Green Bond Issue admitted to trading in Portugal, on Euronext Access Lisbon.

GREENVOLT's activity is currently the result of the continuous improvement strategy pursued by ALTRI, of integration between the forest chain that produces biomass and the production of energy from this renewable resource, increasing its capacity to actively contribute to the improvement of planning and forest cleaning and, consequently, for its sustainability, a current and pressing concern in Portugal, which for Altri and GREENVOLT has been an absolute priority for many years.

Based on technical competences, GREENVOLT developed a differentiated growth strategy based on 3 areas: biomass, solar and photovoltaic energy and decentralized energy generation.

Greenvolt has in operation five forest biomass production plants - Mortágua (8.6 MW of installed capacity); Rodão with 12.8 MW of installed power; Figueira da Foz (two plants), one with a capacity of about 28 MW of installed power and the other with 34.5 MW; and Constance with a capacity of 12.8 MW of installed power.

The 5 biomass power plants annually produce a total of about 720 GWh.

The Tábua Solar Photovoltaic Plant, under construction, will have an Installed power of 48MW and will enter into operation during 2022.

Through V-Ridium Power, GreenVolt is developing several pan-European wind and solar projects, mainly in Poland and Greece, with around 2,800 MW of which, more than 1,500 MW, are in an advanced stage of development.