Corporate Profile

Greenvolt – Energias Renováveis, SA (“Greenvolt”), a company owned by Grupo ALTRI, SGPS, SA (“ALTRI”), which operates in the renewable energy sector, being the leader in Portugal in the sector of electricity production from biomass forestry. With an accumulated experience in this segment of about 20 years, Greenvolt has extensive and proven technical skills in the design, engineering, operation and maintenance of biomass power stations.

GREENVOLT was born in 2002 from a firm commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, in a shareholder context of strategic partnership, under joint control (50%/50%), between the ALTRI Group and the EDP Group. In July 2018, ALTRI acquired the participation held by the EDP Group, having since then become the holder of 100% of the company's share capital and voting rights.

As early as 2019, GREENVOLT, through its wholly owned subsidiary Sociedade Bioelétrica do Mondego, S.A., was the first company in Portugal to carry out a “green” bond issue. The operation was intended to finance the investments of this subsidiary, in the construction of a new biomass thermoelectric power station, located in Figueira da Foz, contributing to the pursuit of a structuring policy in the energy field, which allowed to reduce external dependence and the effect of greenhouse resulting from the use of fossil fuels. The use of forest biomass, on the other hand, in addition to contributing to job creation and forest ordering, allowed to reduce fire risks, promoting an environment of clean and renewable energy production, thus further enhancing the GREENVOLT's commitment to sustainability. The Issue was in line with the conditions established by the Green Bond Principles published by the International Capital Market Association and was the first Green Bond Issue admitted to trading in Portugal, on Euronext Access Lisbon.

GREENVOLT's activity is currently the result of the continuous improvement strategy pursued by ALTRI, of integration between the forestry chain that produces biomass and the production of energy from this renewable resource, increasing its capacity to actively contribute to the improvement of planning and cleaning forest and, consequently, for its sustainability, a current and pressing concern in Portugal, which for Altri and GREENVOLT has been an absolute priority for many years.

Based on technical skills, GREENVOLT developed a differentiated growth strategy based on 3 areas: biomass, solar and photovoltaic energy and decentralized energy generation:

  • In terms of biomass, a core activity, and taking into account the vast experience it has accumulated and the results obtained, GREENVOLT intends to implement a strategy to consolidate the European market through the acquisition of biomass power stations, both domestically and at an European level, with the aim of adding value through the implementation of its recognized technical skills


  • Regarding the renewable energy segment based on wind and solar resources, GREENVOLT will position itself upstream of the value chain, in the project development segment, where profitability is higher and capital needs are lower. Geographically, GREENVOLT has a pan-European ambition, with a focus on countries where there are more ambitious renewable energy targets, where remuneration schemes and the institutional environment is more stable and where the entire process of developing wind energy projects and solar is more challenging, such as Poland, Greece, Italy and France. In this sense, GREENVOLT acquired V-Ridium, one of the largest European promoters of projects of this type, a platform through which it will implement its strategy in this segment


  • With regard to solar energy, the decentralized electricity generation segment has been recording very strong growth in recent years. This segment is clearly a bet for the future, generating significant savings for customers, whether they are families or industries. Thus, in this third strategic growth vector, GREENVOLT intends to have a significant presence in the Iberian market

In this way, GREENVOLT asserts itself as a European reference company in the renewable energy market segment, presenting a differentiating strategic position and centered on the decarbonisation of economies, through careful economic and financial assumptions.

Key Figures

  2020 2019 2019/2020
ENERGY SALES MWh 732.6 540.2 35,6%
ENERGY SALES M€ 89.9 64.3 40,0%
EBITDA M€ 33.0 22.7 45,3%




Sustainable Finance at GreenVolt.

GreenVolt is integrating sustainability agenda into funding and finance. Therefore, through sustainable finance, GreenVolt aims to invest in projects that improve its environmental performance, promote a clean and renewable energy production environment, and enhance an integrated pollution prevention and control, thus reinforcing GreenVolt's sustainability commitment.

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