Corporate Governance

The company has four corporate bodies:

General Meeting,
Composed of all shareholders entitled to vote, who is responsible for deciding on statutory changes, making a general assessment of the management and supervision of the Company, to decide on the management and accounts of the financial year, to elect the corporate bodies of its competence and , in general, to resolve on all terms submitted to it by the Board of Directors;

Board of Directors,
The Board of Directors is composed by an even or odd number of members, no less than three and no more than fifteen, elected by the General Meeting which shall also appoint the respective Chairman. In case the General Meeting does not expressly determine the number of directors, it shall be deemed that the number of directors for each term of office is the number of elected directors, which does not preclude changing the number of members during the term of office up to the legal or statutory limit;

Statutory Audit Board,
Appointed by the General Meeting, it is composed of 3 members and 1 substitute, and is responsible for supervising the company, as well as appointing a Statutory Auditor or Statutory Auditor;

Statutory External Auditor
The Statutory External Auditor has the powers and authority foreseen in the law and is specifically tasked with carrying out any inspections and checks required by law to audit and certify the accounts.


Articles of Association

27 Jul, 2021
Articles of Association