9 Setembro, 2021

GreenVolt acquires Polish energy storage KSME

Greenvolt and NEO Energy Group, together, acquired KSME, a Polish company that operates in the area of ​​energy development and storage and which has a portfolio of 5.56 GW, of which 1.4 GW has already secured grid connection rights in high voltage to PSE, the Polish network operator.

The transaction was carried out through the Polish subsidiary of Greenvolt, the V-Ridium Power Group, which now holds 51% in KSME.

In addition to storage and grid connection, Greenvolt plans to use KSME's capacity to connect large-scale projects to the Polish grid, namely solar, wind and hybrid projects.

The transaction amounted to 14 million zlotys, around 3 million euros, representing a cost of 2.1k euros/MW for connection to the already assured network.

“This acquisition is a very significant step for Greenvolt in the Polish market, making it an important player in the energy storage market. The diversification of technologies is one of the main objectives of the company, being an important element to provide reliable solutions and contribute to the stability of the Polish electricity network”, says João Manso Neto, CEO of Greenvolt.