21 Setembro, 2021

Greenvolt starts operations in Italy, Bulgaria and Romania

Greenvolt, through V-Ridium, continues its fast expansion into markets with great potential for the development of wind and solar energy projects.

In Italy, GreenVolt has a pipeline of projects under development with other partners of 410 MW in Solar and Wind, capacity that should be expanded to 1.7GW in co-development and its own development.

In Bulgaria, operations begun this week, with the Sofia office fully operational and accounting with 200 MW of wind power projects under development.

Pursuing its development strategy, the company also starts this week its operations in Romania, the country where it has high potential development plans, with a pipeline of 170 MW in solar and wind energy projects.

Greenvolt has a pipeline, excluding Italy, with around 3.6 GW of renewable energy production projects from sun and wind, in Poland, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria.