21 Outubro, 2021

Greenvolt acquires 42% of the Spanish company Perfecta Energia

Greenvolt concluded the first phase of the acquisition process of a 42% stake in Perfecta Energía, and it is estimated that the completion of the operation will take place in the next few weeks. In addition to this acquisition, Greenvolt also guarantees the option of acquiring the company’s entire share capital in 2024. 
Greenvolt thus becomes holder of an important stake in a company with an enormous potential in the renewable energy sector in Spain, which is dedicated to the development of energy efficiency projects, as well as installation of photovoltaic solar projects for self-consumption. This business segment is based on the promotion of energy generation through photovoltaic solar source through small units for self-consumption, being an unequivocal contribution towards a decentralized energy transition model and promoting efficient solutions in the current context of market prices.
Perfecta Energia operates in the renewable energy sector, selling, installing and maintaining solar energy panels for residential customers' self-consumption. The company was founded in Madrid in 2019 and has been operating in central and eastern Spain, with plans to expand its activity to the entire Spanish territory. During 2020 Perfecta reached a turnover of 1.7 M€, having, at the end of August 2021, reached an accumulated value of 3.5M€, with a very significant growth expected until the end of the year.