The environment and its safeguarding and sustainability is an essential and critical pillar in all areas of GreenVolt's activity.

All projects developed or in pipeline are guided by the principles of continuous improvement in the Company's environmental performance.

GreenVolt has an Environmental Management System implemented and certified in accordance with international standards. In this context, all environmental aspects are identified and the respective impacts are assessed for all activities carried out, as well as the implementation of prevention and mitigation measures associated with them.

The forest is an essential resource for GreenVolt.

Namely in its energy production activity from forest biomass and agroforestry.

In this sense, the company develops its activity by promoting the implementation of forestry exploitation models that imply the use of the best forestry practices, encouraging forest certification, as well as the collection of forestry residues, thus promoting the mitigation of fire risks.

GreenVolt also made the conservation of biodiversity a priority, especially in areas with an ecological value considered relevant.

GreenVolt's activity is also a factor in the sustainable development of regional economies. The company is committed to hiring local services and labor, thus contributing to the economic and social development of the population.

GreenVolt develops its activity focused on the development, implementation and operation of energy production from renewable sources.

The development of its activity is based on respect and observance of the best environmental practices, a condition that demands from the partners who collaborate with it.

The result of its activity is the supply of energy from renewable sources, contributing to the replacement of energy from other sources, namely fossil fuels.