Our Commitment

GreenVolt is committed to leading the production of energy from renewable sources as a path to a more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable future. Meeting the challenges that climate change offers us, GreenVolt is committed to making a relevant contribution through the development of its activity and with the commitment of all its teams.


Our Responsability Targets

Our sustainability strategy is based on a progressive demand for the use of physical and human resources that have less impact on the environment.

The development of projects for the production of clean and renewable energy is an important contribution to the reduction of the use of non-renewable energy sources, and which will contribute to answer to the challenges that our planet faces, namely in reducing CO2 emissions and, globally in facing the climate changes.

Sustainability Policy

GreenVolt regards its major responsability to manage and develop its activity in a sustainable way. Therefor is commited to conduct its action pursuing the following economic, environmental and social principles:


To establish and implement conditions that satisfy the needs and expectations of the shareholders, clients, collaborators, suppliers, the community and other interested parties, with respect for the environment and economically sustainable conditions, with a perspective of continuous betterment, with promotion of energy efficiency and pollution prevention, prevention of injuries, prevention of wounds and prevention of damage to the health of the workers.


Develop its projects and activity, causing the minimum possible environmental impact, establishing prevention and safety mechanisms and adopting internal measures that are consistent with the best available techniques economically feasible.


Contribute to the collection and treatment of forest and agroforestry leftovers, in order to add economic value to communities and act in minimizing risks, and preventing forest fires.


Continuously improve the performance and efficiency of the Quality, Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems by establishing objectives and targets periodically reviewed.


Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the company subscribes, setting targets that lead to the improvement of its performance.


Adopt criteria ensuring that environmental and social risks and impacts are minimized as well as energy consumption, when choosing processes, technologies, raw-materials and transports.


Avoid accidents and maintain a state of operational readiness in case of emergency.


To prevent occupational diseases and to monitor the healthcare of the employees, in accordance with the legislation for occupational health always bearing in mind the specific conditions of the company.


Encourage the participation of all employees in the continuous improvement of the performance of the organisation and in achieving the set targets, promoting their awareness and technical qualification.


Promote development plans for the employees that strengthen their individual skills, encourage team work and reward the achievement of results and the accomplishment of objectives.


Provide information and resources needed to achieve the objectives and targets set.


Make sure that our suppliers act in conformity with the procedures, regulations and principles adopted by the company, developing mechanisms to encourage collaboration.


Listening to stakeholders in order to understand their sustainability concerns and expectations.



Report regularly on its sustainability performance.



Lisboa, Maio de 2021